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Instructional video on massaging your Horse

Promo video massage of the horse
Physiotherapist Francis Gommans

Promo video massage of the horse

How to massage your own horse

In this online video I teach you how to massage your own horse.


These are gentle techniques that allow you to relax your horse in general, strengthen the bond with your horse, stimulate blood circulation in his muscles and relax his muscles.


This video is not intended to train you to become a professional. So it is not intended to massage other people's horses. But to give your own horse extra attention in a pleasant way. This video may also be interesting for animal physiotherapist students and horse masseurs in training.


The instructional video contains four chapters:

1. The neck and forequarters

2. The back

3. The hindquarters

4. How do you apply the handles if you want to switch between your left and right hand


You pay 75 euros once and then get unlimited access to the video for six months.


I wish you lots of fun massaging your own horse!

  • Online horse massage course

    Learn in 4 episodes how to massage your own horse!
    Gültig für 6 Monate
    • Pay only once 75 euros for all four episodes!
    • Watch the videos as often as you want for six months!
    • Place your phone or tablet next to your horse and watch!
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